Custom website design or WordPress CMS platform ? Both have their huge audience. From my point of view, WordPress simply makes my job more time efficient and easier when I lack the skills. But is wordpress bad for your business website project because it’s simpler to manage ? Which option is better for you, my client ?

Inspired by the recent amount of BS sent (for obvious reasons) to my client’s emails by some of the agencies specialising in bespoke web design, I just want to add a few of my own words. I want to explain to you when you are being manipulated when you read statements in some well-ranked articles titled: “Custom Website Vs WordPress Template”


What is a Custom Website and What Is a WordPress Template ?

In general, custom website design is described as a unique website created or coded from scratch. No templates, no pre-packaged graphics. WordPress relates to the popular online CMS platform that comes with many pre-designed templates and themes.


Is WordPress Bad For Your Business Website ?


Custom Vs WordPress Theme – Let’s Call Bulshit The Bulshit

Bullshit are claims that make an average customer understand that custom designs, unlike any CMS platform, are: better for SEO, cross-browser compatible, looking more professional, mobile friendly, or better for branding. Totally unfounded rubbish. Layout, colour, responsiveness etc… None of these claims makes a custom website unique vs WordPress Platform ability.

Of course, there are instances when custom web design would be a smarter choice. There are PROS AND CONS on both sides. But what does it mean for an average client not requiring complicated functionality, animations, and other bag of bells and whistles which in a lot of cases can be counterproductive ? What difference will a bespoke website make over a WordPress template for John who wants to launch a website for his building services, or Jack who wants to get his Dental Practice online ? The difference will be mainly in the amount of money that John and Jack will need to spend on custom design. Both of them will never be able to tell a custom website from a good WordPress theme. And they probably will never be bothered to educate themselves to tell this difference. Why would they ?


Unless your website will need a “very unique” functionality, or you plan to compete with Amazon or eBay, a good web designer with some web developing skills can make your WordPress Theme not only look but also function as well as any custom design. TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America. There are quite big names out there using WordPress. The FunBites during the Shark Tank airing handled 70 000 page views in the span of 10 minutes. Speed ? Loading speed can be influenced by a ton of things depending on the content of your website and server environment. Even on the shared server, a well-optimised WordPress theme can load within a second. But hands down here. If a similar well-coded custom HTML website is published without WP, then it will load faster.

Don’t be influenced by the sheer nonsense about high chances of your website crashing either. Yes, HTMLs can run on a server with lower resources. Yes, these big WordPress names mentioned above don’t use WP out of the box – there is considerable custom development to make these sites work the way they do. But I don’t think your dental practice or building services will ever have to worry about that amount of traffic. And if you happen to become that popular, I’m sure you will be able to afford to make changes. Whether it will be WordPress development or switching to a custom design.


Here Are a Few Stats About WordPress For Doubters



1) 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress

No, there’s no mistake here. 74,652,825 sites out there are depending on WordPress platform. This equals to one site per person in Turkey.

2) Gets More Unique Visitors Than Amazon (Us) records mind blowing 126M unique visitors per month, while Amazon falls quite a bit behind with 96M per month.

3) WordPress Is Most Popular With Business Websites

Of the top 1,000,000 sites in the world, the amount of business sites (most popular with WordPress) powered by WordPress is five times the number of WordPress-managed news sites.

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Do You Get Truly Custom Website ?

Let’s Be Honest

What is a custom website ? Something unique ? One in its kind ? Created from scratch especially for you ?  Sounds sexy. Take a look at this awesome work and tell me how money websites like this one do you come across ? Not many. There is a good reason for this. Web design layouts commonly associated with sites of its category and with simple visual design are simply preffered by an everyday user. In other words, if you apply visuall and functional complexity to every website category out there, it will be counter productive.

So if you really think that every digital agency will write the code from scratch each time they create a custom web design for a local gym or driving instructor business, then you are probably very naive. Why would they anyway ? One probably would need to be a creative idiot to write the code from the scratch every time a client asks for a bespoke web design.

You might not see it but there are big chances that your web design is probably one of the thousands of custom works. HTML Web Designs are available in 100s of templates too. The Smaller background image, different font or more columns in the footer does not mean custom. Customised is what truly describes the custom here. Today, with so many websites out there, It is nearly impossible to create a web layout that does not have a duplicate out there, and it can be described as truly unique and one in its kind.



In other words, crappy coded custom website is not better from a well-designed template. A good WordPress theme can look and perform as well as a good custom website. This article is not aimed to point you away from custom design whatsoever. Bigger cost of designing a bespoke website comes with unique advantages too. Especially when you are concerned with huge traffic spikes while running a server with lower resources. Unusual, complicated functionality requiring database intensive website features (e.g. thousands of member profiles and media uploads) also is easier to be managed with the good custom work. But, unique look, branding, mobile friendly, or better SEO ? Sorry, not anymore. WordPress is really good for your business.

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