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An idea that you build your web design around

turns a website into a story.

People love stories.



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Hi, I’m David. I am a Free Lance Web Designer currently living in London UK. I get crazy ideas often inspired but some other crazy people. But don’t worry, I won’t place an alien spaceship in the background of your hairdressing website. I design functional, engaging websites that are working and are compatible with the latest internet technology. I can even design for you MF Website, if you want me to. That’s probably all you want to know so I’m not going to bore you anymore.
What Do I Do


Web Design and Development

Online Brand Building

On Page SEO, Social Media Integration

Business Analysis and Content Writing

eCommerce Functionality

Website Hosting For Small Projects

If you got this far asking questions is easy and free.
I’m not putting my address on here because I’ll end up on
a mailing list for some weird religious cult that needs money
for new pyjamas. Call me or email me. Coffee’s on me.
Email: webzala1@gmail.com